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Vanex increases the efficiency
of Anaerobic Digesters, producing
 up to 650 litres of BioGas per
kilogram of feed introduced”*

The benefits:

Better Anaerobic Digestion (AD)

What if you could increase your profits whilst reducing waste and improving compliance? Now you can.

Vanex is a breakthrough bacterial formula that accelerates and maximises the breakdown of organic waste.

With this treatment more natural biogas and energy is produced, whilst odours and toxic gases are eliminated. What you are left with is high quality, concentrated fertiliser.

The result? Less waste, reduced costs, increased revenue, and more green energy.

It is so effective, that we guarantee that you will get at least double your investment in the first year of using Vanex.

See what Vanex can do for you. Contact us for a free assessment and profits forecast.

Double your investment guarantee

Vanex works. This is why we offer a double your investment guarantee to all of our customers.

Thanks to reduced compliance costs, increased biogas output, and many other benefits, you can expect your returns to increase much more than this!

Try it out

Read more about us here, or contact us for a free assessment and quote.

We can also advise on the set up and optimal running of new AD plants.

* biodegradable organic waste