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The origins

Vanex is the UK subsidiary of Espazyme, a company formed in 1997 in Valencia, Spain by founder Dr Jose Garcia-Gonzalez. The vision was to create a truly effective way to improve anaerobic digestion, reducing waste, increasing efficiency, saving money, and most importantly, saving our planet for future generations.

Anaerobic digestion is widely recognised as the best way to deal with organic waste. However, there are limitations to the process; organic materials are not fully digested, resulting in unpleasant smells, leftover slurry, toxic gases, disposal costs, and fines.

The discovery

Dr Garcia-Gonzalez spent 30 years of late nights and vigorous research finding a way to address all of these limitations…

and he found the answer. A carefully combined group of bacteria that works together to completely digest organic matter, eliminate odour, prevent the creation of toxic gases, and increase productivity.

The set of bacteria is very robust, ensuring that incomplete digestion is a thing of the past.

The potential

It does not end with better anaerobic digestion. There are many other exciting uses for Vanex, including the purification of polluted ecosystems like rivers and lakes, improve the performance of sewage systems/water plants (WWTP), and treating landfill sites.

Dr Garcia-Gonzalez continues to explore the full potential of his discovery.

True passion: A lifetime of research

Vanex: A unique group of bacteria